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In this post you’re going to learn how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020.

In fact:

These are the exact strategies I used to grow my channel from zero to 263K subscribers

Here my 15 tips that I use for any new uploaded video:

  1. Use “Power Playlists”
  2. Publish LONG Videos (10+ Minutes)
  3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen
  4. Branding Watermark = Subscribe Button
  5. Focus On Quality… Not Quantity
  6. Reply To EVERY Comment
  7. Write a Compelling Channel Description
  8. Funnel People to “Subscriber Magnets”
  9. Use an Awesome Channel Icon
  10. Create a Channel Tagline
  11. Heart Awesome Comments
  12. Make a Killer Channel Trailer
  13. Create Videos That CRUSH Watch Time
  14. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts
  15. End Videos With a Strong CTA

To create high-quality video is only half of the work, the second part I would say its more important: increasing traffic to your newly uploaded video.

For this step I use the following platforms:

Vagex (formerly ViewCount) pays you to run a viewer which automatically views videos on YouTube. People buy views for their YouTube videos so they get famous quickly, and you provide Vagex with your IP to generate valid views on YouTube. They provide a Firefox Addon that everyone can use, and a viewer that I would only run under Vista or 7 so you can mute the programs. Running both at the same time almost doubles your earnings. If you happen to have several computers always running on different IPs you can add them to your account, too.

You can run their Internet Explorer-based .exe file on Windows, their Firefox-Extension on any MacOS/Linux-Box and their Android Version on your Phone. Scroll down for some additional Android Info.

  • Firefox version is OS-independent
  • You can run it on up to 5 different IP addresses to earn more, but this is hardly useful for most people
  • If your computer isn’t made of wood, you won’t lose performance
  • Windows software can crash occasionally (we will use a script against that)
  • Sound has to be muted
  • Uses up some bandwidth
  • I have no idea how they could pick that name

If you use Vagex on your computer you use anyway, I would leave everything like that. If you have set up an idle machine which sits around somewhere for the purpose of earning money, you want to handle the fact that Vagex can sometimes crash (didn’t happen to me for more than two weeks now). This can easily be done, I did it with the programming language python.
If you are interested, just download and install python and download my script HERE.
You can open it with notepad if you don’t trust it. Notice that it really doesn’t do much other than:

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 while True: (Repeat forever)
        os.startfile("Vagex.exe") (Open Vagex.exe)
        time.sleep(11000) (Wait 11000 seconds)
        os.system("taskkill /im vagex.exe /f") (End process Vagex.exe)
        time.sleep(60) (Wait 60 seconds)

So it will restart your Vagex every few hours. Put the script into your Vagex directory and run it instead of Vagex. Now you can let it run completely unsupervised and be relatively sure it won’t fail. Now watch how your Robot Pennies slowly add up.

Setup is simple, get the .apk file – look for the Vagex/Hexagon/ViewCount Android apk in case it’s not on the official website (at the point of writing: LINK). Install it, enter your Vagex ID and start playing videos.
Some useful additions (obligatory for 24/7 use):
– Use a decent charger and charging cable, no cheap shit. Put the phone in a safe place that does not catch fire easily. Phones are not really made for 24/7 heavy load. Problems are unlikely, but do what you can to avoid them. Most chargers and cables that people have flying around are pure garbage. If the phone’s original plug and/or cable are gone, get a decent, well-rated, semi-expensive one from Amazon.

YTMonster is a great way to get free retention views, likes and subscribers for your YouTube channel and videos.
They are a free exchange website with the possibility to buy a premium membership for faster delivery and credits earned.
You can leave tabs opened to generate credits automatically by watching videos or you can manually like and subscribe to other channels for points. They will also provide YT comments soon again hopefully.

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  • Great views – I’ve had good success so far with ranking videos using their views and judging from the YT analytics page, they stick and the retention is okay.
  • Good for likes and subscribers
  • You can also check your videos for optimization and see if there’s anything you can improve
  • You can check your video ranking
  • Low drops in views, likes and subs. They seem to stick.

  • Delivery can be slow if you’re not premium
  • Price surges can happen sometimes often – That means that due to a lot of people using this services, sometimes as a free user you might have to spend 2000 credits instead of 1500 for them views or likes.

AddMeFast, just like the previous tool, has been on the market for years and has provided a lot of goodies. You can use them for all sorts of social signals like: YT likes and subs, FB post likes, shares, followers, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on.

There’s a lot of things you can get from this website and if you’re creative enough, you will find a way to use it to your advantage.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using this service for YT views, likes and subs unless you really want them at a fast rate. They don’t stick that well. If you sent 50 likes for example, only 30 will stick. So, use at your own discretion.

As a small hint, I use this service a lot to pump in some Facebook and Twitter shares for my videos. They’re great.

  • Good for social shares when it comes to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Credits can be earned fast, however the system is still buggy and some interactions might not be registered properly.

Like4Like has been a huge help to me for YouTube comments and socials shares. Just like the previous two, it’s a points exchange website and just like AddMeFast, it’s great for social shares but bad for YouTube views and maybe likes and subs.

I wouldn’t recommend using Like4Like for YouTube views, likes and subs unless you really want them fast.

  • Good for social shares when it comes to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Credits can be earned fast, and interactions register very fast.
  • Very bad for YT views
  • Not okay for YT likes and subs unless you really need to add them fast.
  • No automation, have to do it all manually.

ViewGrip is awesome for YouTube views and likes, which is all it has to offer at the moment. I haven’t noticed any big drops in any of them but I am weary with the views. They come in very fast and I’m not sure yet what effect that has on my videos.

  • Good for YouTube views and likes.
  • Credits can be earned fast, and interactions register very fast.

  • Can’t do likes interactions for very long since there’s a limit.
  • Don’t expect to get 500+ views and likes daily, there’s still a low/medium population on this website.

And now, as a special treat…

YTRank is a great tool to check the ranking of your YouTube video for up to 6 keywords in any country you want.

It worked really well when I first found it, then it stopped working for a bit but I contacted the owner via E-mail and surprisingly he responded and took care of it.

That’s it!
I hope this guide can help you in your journey with CPA and as I get more knowledge, I will update this thread and add into it.
If you have any questions related to what was written here, let me know in a reply! 😀

Now go ahead, work hard, and create your own luck! Don’t expect the luck to come to you.

Hope this will benefit all of you! 😁
I’ll update the list when I find more.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Buffer
  • stumbleupon
  • Reddit


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