REFLIK – Guide to Making Money on Referral Programs


Getting referrals is a big part of how successful you are investing time in Paid-to-Click
, Paid-to-Read (PTR), affiliate programs, or any other program where referrals
have a direct impact on your income.

Increasing the number of referrals you have dramatically increases the amount of money you make.
You will realize that there are many other people in the same situation trying to get people to join via their ref links also.

So it’s as hard as cracking nuts. Follow some of these tips and you’re sure to have some more ref’s in no time.
So how do you actually get referrers I will examine the ways to get people to join using
your referral link. Getting referrers take some effort and some time, but you can get a lot of
referrers to take the time to try and get them, for example, while you are doing your clicking open another tab and signup/post on some forums, add a post to your blog, all you need is 1 hour a day and you can click all your ads on 5-10 different sites and do some advertising all at the same time.

Everyone is trying to get referrers so what can you do to have an edge and be the one
who gets MORE referrers than the competition?

Here are some tips for you.

Forums / Message Boards

Place referral links in your signature, Create a post containing your referral
links, and Link the “www” under your avatar to your forum post, now every time you write a
response the signature well placed automatically under your responsibility.

Don’t try to add links to your response because then you going to be a “spammer”
and spammers get bend from all forums.

This is very important!

Some good forums to post on are your general forums about working from home as
these people are looking for ways to make more income working from home. See the
resource section at the end of this guide for a list of forums.

Blogs and Websites

A blog or website will help you keep track of the PTC sites you are currently one,
it will also allow you to review some of the sites you have tried and advertise some of the
ones you are currently using or trying out, basically, the nice thing about a blog is
that it’s a great way to keep track of what you’re currently doing in the PTC worked and to make
this public so that you can make money from ad sense as well as gaining referrers to the
PTC sites you are promoting.

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Try using one of the free blog sites around to start with and if your happy then move to a more permanent one with your own domain name. Also, you can promote your blog link in your forum postings too.

REFLIK – Guide to Making Money on Referral Programs

This may be the most time-consuming of all the methods, depending on how much time
you spend on it. BUT, it is well worth the effort if you do it right. Squidoo is a perfect site to use as it gets tons of traffic and attention. Plus, you get to see how many people visit your lens as well as what links they click on. For the best results, you should build a lens that is informative, nice to look at, and well organized.

If you build your lens well, you will get a high ranking and your lens will be featured on Squidoo search, and you will get tons of visits. You should take some space on your lens to explain what PTC is. This is in case a visitor comes to your site with no prior knowledge of PTC’s. You want to explain it in a way that is simple and inviting, but do NOT exaggerate.

Please, do not make false claims to get referrals. If you claim that they will make thousands a month, I promise that once they sign up and see 10 $.01 ads, they will do the math themselves. You don’t just want signups, you want active referrals.

To get active referrals, you have to show the visitor how they can succeed in this business.
Otherwise, they will be discouraged by the small amounts they will earn at first.
Emphasize patience and referrals. This is how they will make money with PTC’s, and if
they make money, you make money. When you post your referral links (preferably banners), do not just string them all together, this is unappealing as well as uninformative.

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Visitors are impressed by numbers and stats. Tell a little bit about each one, do you
have any comments on it?

Which are your favorites? Fastest earners?

Just give all the information that you think is relevant. This will inform the reader that you have
put thought into it. The last thing you have to do is promote your site. This can be done in many ways. Squidoo has a frame breaker embedded in its code, so it will not work in Traffic Exchanges. The best way to promote is to post your link everywhere. If you have a MySpace or facebook profile, post your link there.

REFLIK – Guide to Making Money on Referral Programs

If you have another site on the web, link to your lens. Also, post your link on all the forums you belong to. You should email your friends and family. Submit your website URL to Yahoo and Google. You can also get visits to your site by joining a group related to your topic. This is
great traffic because those people are most likely already interested in your subject – a rapt

If you build a site that is appealing, convincing, and informative, and you
promote that site, you will get referrals. Not all your referrals will stay active,
however many in fact will.

Furthermore, the great fact is that they can leave you comments, so
you can interact with them, help them, and encourage them to be active.


Send an email to everyone you know who might like the PTC idea or want to find
additional PTC sites. Don’t go spamming people!

Use appropriate etiquette to all people you send your emails too!

Refer people you know

This might not be the best of ideas or appropriate in some situations but if you
know some people out there who might like the idea of PTC then tell them about it and
maybe tell them about your blog, website, forum post and so on.

REFLIK – Guide to Making Money on Referral Programs

The nice thing about PTC sites is you can tell everyone about them and about your
blog and they are all FREE to join so no one will get ‘hurt’ in the process if things go
wrong, all they have lost is time not money, but do warn them that you are aware PTC sites
have a bad reputation and that you are trying to only promote the ones you personally believe in.

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Live chat programs

Advertising your referrals in online chat rooms and IM programs can get a lot of
people’s attention however make sure to use the appropriate etiquette and ensure not to
break the house rules by spamming.

Advertising in the real world

Create flyer’s and distribute them on public notice boards, hand to hand,
advertising in newspapers, local newspaper and so on… make sure it’s appropriate and you obey
any laws in your area.

You will be amazed at how effective this can be especially on public billboards.
Advertise on PTC and other types of sites Advertising using PTC sites, make sure that you don’t advertise in the same PTC site that you are try to get Referrals because people that see your ad is already registered to the same site.

REFLIK – Guide to Making Money on Referral Programs

Advertising on PTC sites is relatively cheap for the number of people that you will get seeing your advert, but it’s not always very effective i.e. expect 1-2 referrals from every
500-1000 views.

Advertise at Free Traffic exchange sites

Traffic Exchanges are basically sites that offer its members the ability to
advertise their links and banners for free after viewing other links and banners.
Here’s how it works: You sign-up as a member of a Traffic Exchange site. You then
must view ads like you do for PTC sites, but instead of getting paid for your
clicks; you are able to advertise your banners and links. Traffic exchanges usually offer some
type of ratio for exchange.

For instance, a site that offers 1:1 ratio means that you
can get one click on your referral link or banner for every one click that you make.
You will surf for ad links in exchange for your own advertisements.

Some of these sites may even pay you for surfing, so you will hit 2 birds in one stone.

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