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This is a newbie way to begin earning some passive income through organic traffic (SEO) immediately. The only thing you need is a domain name and hosting which you can get for $10 combined.

According to similar web, Reddit is 36th most visited website in the world with 40% of the traffic coming from the US. Reddit receives monthly 1.7 BILLION traffic. As many of you know, US traffic has the highest CPC.

The Basics

You hear about Reddit being used as a parasite all of the time. You either create a post, or a subreddit, then rank either the post or the subreddit for a keyword by using backlinks.

Here’s the thing, though: Reddit is already ranking for a ton of good keywords. Due to how Reddit functions, you can essentially hijack a post that is ranking to get free traffic. You’re using the post as a parasite, but you didn’t create the post itself or pay for SEO on it.

In order to receive traffic from a Reddit post, you can either:

1. Simply post a comment

…if there are fewer than 10 comments, there’s a good chance your comment will be read regardless of where it is on the page

2. Post a comment with upvotes

Send your comment to the top of the page and get maximum traffic from the post

3. Post a reply to a top comment

Find a comment that is already at the top of the page, then post a reply. Your reply will be shown at the top of the page without the need to buy upvotes. Best if the comment you are replying to does not have any other replies

Someone will search on Google for a keyword, go to Reddit, read the comments, and possibly click your link. As long as your comments stay up, you continue to get free traffic. #1 and #3 cost nothing. For #2 you will need to buy upvotes, which may be worth it if you see a post ranking for a good keyword. In order to get to the top of the page, all you need to do is get more upvotes. There is no magical algorithm. But #1 and #3 are free and still very effective.

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Time limits

Reddit archives posts between 3 and 6 months after they are posted.

Once a post is archived, you can’t comment or reply. So you need to

leave your comment on posts that are not archived. Don’t spam brand- new posts, as Reddit users will report you, even if your comments are clever. You want to make your comment after the natural Reddit traffic has died down (it has moved off of the front page(s) for the subreddit) but before it is archived.

How to Make Money

There are a ton of ways to earn with this method. I will give you one idea to get you started.

Think of a type of product, such as a vacuum cleaner. This is just an example. Make a post on your website that says “Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners of 2018”. Monetize with Amazon Associates. Find a list of

vacuum cleaner models and type “[model name”] Reddit” into Google.

Find ALL posts related to vacuum cleaners – reviews, discussion, whatever. Wherever you can, think of clever comments and drop a link to your top 10 list. If you do it right, it won’t even look suspicious, and you’ll get some hot buyer traffic.

I will exactly tell you which niches bring easy traffic and money. It is

„Technology“, „Cryptocurrencies“, „Political news“, „Uplifting news“.

Finding Keywords

Reddit posts on the first page of Google for major keywords are of course ideal. But let’s imagine for a second that you have no idea how to do keyword research. This method will still work as long as you comment on random posts that are ranking for a “[keyword] reddit”. For example, if you search for “vacuum cleaners reddit” or “dyson reddit”, most of the commentable posts will be ranking for something and you will receive some traffic. Not a lot, but some. Reddit is a SUPER strong website right now and ranks for a ton of stuff. Find posts ranking for Reddit queries in Google, make posts on those comments, get traffic.

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If you want to scale this up maybe sign up for Ahrefs and get a huge list of keywords that Reddit ranks for and do something with that.

But this method is mainly geared towards beginners who want to make money online and have a general sense of how SEO works but cannot invest much money into the process.

Tricks and Tips

The comment-then-edit trick. Your biggest obstacle is that whoever created the post or comment you are replying to will get a notification with your comment text in his inbox. If it’s spammy, he will possibly report the post. But the user will not receive notifications when the post has been edited. So you can write a normal comment, then edit the post immediately and include your money link. The user will only see your normal comment unless he goes to the actual post, which he probably won’t. Do this if your English is bad or you aren’t very clever.

Be clever. Reddit users aren’t total idiots. If your comments are clearly marketing material, they will get reported fast. You don’t have to make a hard sell in your comment. Just subtly drop your link. It will get clicked if it is there.

Costs, Time, etc.

It’s probably best if you have a domain name and hosting so you can put a website together. Find a .com coupon and use dirt cheap hosting to host your website for $1 – $3 per month. Use a .com for more trust, and use to find a short and snappy and trustworthy domain name.

You can start with just a single Reddit account. Make 1 promotional post per 10 regular posts. Look like an active user. If you’re being clever with how you promote your website. Eventually you will want to be running multiple Reddit accounts. You can buy them for a couple bucks each on the marketplace. Get a few private proxies to match your accounts and you have multiplied your output.

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This is a large time investment, but it’s a proven way to get free traffic. For me, I was able to get on average 10 website visitors per month per comment I posted. Now, I’m probably slightly better than you at finding good posts and slightly better at writing clever and intriguing comments. But there’s no doubt that the traffic is there. As long as you can put a link in your comment and not get the comment removed, you WILL get traffic. Keep in mind you should find Reddit pages already ranking by searching for “[keyword] reddit” in Google. That will give you the highest probability of commenting on posts that receive organic traffic from Google.

I’m confused!

The only confusing part about this method is what your website should actually be. You can monetize Reddit traffic with almost anything because it ranks for almost everything! But if you are new and your brain isn’t quite working the angles quite yet, just started with my Amazon review site example above. Buy a domain, put up a theme, and make a good review article for a certain niche of products, then start

commenting on posts you find in Google for “[niche related keyword] reddit”. It’s almost impossible to not get traffic doing this. It’s somewhat hard to automatically scale due to the fickle nature of Reddit users, but if you can take the time to manually comment in a genuine and clever way, it’s an easy $10 – $20 per day pretty quickly.

Buy a domain, make a top 10 list, then find Reddit posts in Google related to the products in your review article, then post some clever comments and link to your top 10 list. You can start receiving traffic TODAY with this method. Start now! If you can make $10 per day, you can just write 10x the comments to make $100 per day.

Good luck.

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