FACELAB – How to Make Money on Facebook Guide


When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are different type of Ad Objective you
want to optimize for.

FACELAB - How to Make Money on Facebook Guide
  • Click To Website(CTW)
  • Page Post Engagement(PPE)
  • Website Conversion(WC)
  • Video Views(VV)
  • Leads
  • Brand Awareness(BA)
  • … and more

In our case, we’re looking to make sales and website conversion(WC) is the
best type of ad you can use for your store.


Because it is the ONLY ad that can you can use to scale to the moon.

FACELAB - How to Make Money on Facebook Guide

A lot of people use PPE but you can do so much with. Facebook uses a pixel and your goal is to “feed” that pixel with data so that Facebook can find potential buyers. If all you give to the
data is PPE traffic then people will optimize your ads for engagement and not for conversions(sales).

This is why WC is the ads you want to use.

Website Conversion

Alright, so you’ve just created your Ad campaign and picked WC. Now, with WC, you can optimize for different events: Purchase, Add To Cart(ATC), View Content(VC) and much more.

According to Facebook, they NEED 50+ conversions in the conversion window you give them. If your Ad conversion window is 1 day, that means that you must get AT LEAST 50 VC, Purchase or ATC in order for Facebook to
optimize your ad.

Which means that if you optimize for Purchase on a 1-day conversion window and you can’t even get 10 sales a day, then your ad will NEVER optimize and Facebook won’t take the time to work on your ad(You can still make money if the Ad does not optimize. It won’t just be at its best)

View Content > Add To Cart > Purchase

A VC is more likely to happen than an ATC and an ATC is more likely to happen that Purchase. When starting an ad, you have the choice to do a 1,7 or 28 days conversion window.

So MUST pick the right type of optimization for Facebook to work on your ad.
If you are working on a brand new pixel and you have no data whatsoever, if you optimize for Purchase on a 7 days window, you have to be 100% sure that you will get at least 50+ pixel fire(A pixel fire is what happens when someone sees your ad.

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For example, if someone ATC then the pixel will fire and will add one ATC in your dashboard.)
When starting with a new pixel View Content and Add To Cart are the 2 things you want to optimize for. I only do Purchase.


This probably the thing that bothers everyone starting Facebook Ads.
Targeting takes a lot of testing. You must be ready to spend time and money
to find the right audience. There are 2 tools you can use to do your targeting:

Audience Insights:

You can access the AI by visiting this link:
Audience Insight is the sophisticated, precise and more in-depth way of targeting because you have access to much more information than the Power Editor(PE)(The next tool).

FACELAB - How to Make Money on Facebook Guide

However, it takes more time to use and to get familiar with it. Therefore, you have to spend a lot of time on it and figure out a way to target people effectively.

Power Editor

This is how you want to set up your PE so you can read the data with ease.
Be sure to check “save as preset” on the bottom left or you will have to do this
every time you use the PE.

For this part, you have to create an ad account. Go on youtube and you’ll easily find a video showing you how to do this.


Once all that is done, you get into the ad set level and this is where you do
your targeting.


Your first create your pixel and copy/paste it in your TeeSpring profile if you are using that. If you don’t know how to do this, it is fine, there are many YT videos showing you how to do it.

Here we have the location, age range, gender, languages, audience definition and reach.
Usually, unless you are using the Audience Insights, you want to leave the age range as it is and after 3-5 days you read your ad(s) metrics and breakdown your ad(s) by the age ranges that are performing the best.

FACELAB - How to Make Money on Facebook Guide

However, if your product is only for women that are 35+ then obviously, you might want to change that.

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Now, let’s say you are selling a dog necklace, alright? (Also, don’t do that if you have no idea what you are doing). You want to target people that have an interest in “dogs”.

Magazines, associations, rescues, celebrity, events, etc are the interests I use to target people. You want to be as precise as possible when launching new ads. If you go to broad, you won’t make any sales.

For example, let’s say I follow Tiger Woods on Facebook ok?

Does that necessarily mean that I am a golf fan?

Not at all, I may just like him a public figure/celebrity but I am in no way passionate about golf. However, if I follow golf magazines, golf stores and golf evens on Facebook, am I interested in golf?

Most definitely and this is what people don’t understand. They want to sell soccer/football gear and target Messi/Ronaldo.
Them being soccer/football player does NOT mean that all their followers are soccer/football fanatics.
Let’s go back to our dog necklace. Who will we target? Dog magazines, dog rescues, dog stores, etc.

If you Google top 10 dog magazines, “Dogster” is the #1 magazines that show up. So you put that into the Power Editor targeting zone and what do you get…
Tons of other magazines suggestions that Facebook is giving you.

Now, you don’t even have to go on Google and other stuff to look for relevant dog
magazines. Facebook is doing the job for you. Now, you may have put a dog magazine but oftentimes, Facebook will give you other suggestions that aren’t related to dog magazines but to dog stores for example.

You want to only pick the dog magazines interest to not have irrelevant people.

You go back in the interest box and look for the interest that has the most people in it and you have something called “narrow audience” underneath the interest box. Click it and add the interest that has the most people in the previous box. Be sure to remove it from the first text box if you add it on the narrow one.

What do we get now…
A potential reach of 110k people. We went from Millions of people that like dogs to 110k people. Basically, now in order for those people to see your ad(s), they must like whatever is in the first box AND(not OR) AND the interest that is in the narrow box.

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Like this, you are 100% sure that they like dogs. Now, 110k people is a little bit small of an audience. There won’t be too much room to scale it. 250-750k is a what we could classify as a “precise audience” anything above would be a “broad audience”.


You don’t want to use the automatic placement that Facebook recommends
you. Instead, pick edit placement and do it as shown in the screenshot. If you
noticed, the potential reach has also decreased because we are manual choosing where we will show our ads. So be sure to increase the audience if needed.


You can start your ads at $5/day. If you have money, you can go up to $10/day but as a beginner, I wouldn’t do that. Start the ad the next day at 1 am AD ACCOUNT TIMEZONE. Does not matter where you are targetting people, start your ad at 1 am Ad Account TimeZone. You won’t give Facebook a chance to optimize the ad for the day.

If you start it at 11 PM, it will spend the whole budget in 1h before the day ends and you won’t be able to show it to a lot of people.

Ad Metrics Brand New Ad:

  • If over $3.00 CPC = PAUSE
  • If less than 2x ROAS = PAUSE (ROAS = Return On Ad Spend)
  • If $20.00 CPM = PAUSE
  • If less than 2% CTR = PAUSE
  • If $15 spend, no sale = PAUSE
  • If 2x ROAS or Greater for past 7 days average = keep it running

2-3 bad days = try to pause and see what’s not working

If you have a good CTR and good engagements on your ad but NO sale, then it means your product sucks. If bad engagements and no sale, then your targeting is off.

Of course, if your ads are profitable, those metrics are irrelevant because, at the end of the day, sales are what matters.

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  • Pinterest
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