BRAVEBRO – Use Your Browser as a Money Machine Maker


Looking for ever more ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency- without investing a penny upfront or adding hours to your day?

Then you may consider ditching Chrome for Brave Browser

Brave is a free, decentralized and open source web browser which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is a search engines that aims to revolutionize the browsing and advertising experience as well as the way web works today.

As we continue our series on Brave Browser, I’ll show you how to earn money with Brave browser in 4 EASY ways.

  • Get free airdrop of $5 worth of BAT by just using it.
  • Earn up to $7.50 of BAT by inviting users to download and try out the platform.
  • Earn BAT by watching ads and surfing the web.
  • Earn BAT tips for content you publish to the web.

Steps to Use Your Browser as a Money Machine Machine

  1. Download and Install Brave browser from their official website

“The brave browser is a fast. Private and Secure web browser for PC and mobile. it blocks ads and trackers.
Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience.”

  1. While using Brave browser, create an account on Brave Creators.
  1. Then, you’ll have to login into your account and connect to your Uphold Wallet and complete your Uphold Account.

*** This should not take more than 1-5 minutes

Using Uphold wallet you will be able to withdraw your earnings from Brave Creators to your bank account, credit card, PayPal, other cryptocurrency wallets and so on.
Uphold uses Basic Attention Token (BAT), 1 BAT = 0,30 USD, but you will be able to convert them in USD, EUR, etc. when you withdraw them (NO fees)
You can watch BAT’s coin evolution on CoinMarketCap

  1. While you are logged on Brave Creators Dashboard, click on “+Add Channel” and select YouTube channel and connect with your own YouTube channel (you can have 0 subs, no problem)

You must do this so then; you will have a referral link. You don’t need to promote Brave on YouTube; you just need that referral link.


Congrats! You are at the final and most rewarding step. Now we just need to distribute our referral link, there are two ways to do this. (You can do both for better results)

Free way:

Share that referral link to your friends, Facebook groups, anywhere and you will earn 2-7.5$ for everyone who downloads Brave browser FOR FREE from your link. And they will do it since it is a brand-new Browser, with great features.

Use YOUTUBEET Methods for increasing and promoting your referral link on YouTube

You have a Facebook chat with like 10 friends in it? —> 20-75$ (in minutes!)
You can post on your school/college etc. Facebook group (a good method). You easy get 20 of them?
—> 40-150$
You have relatives (who tf does not?). 5-10 will be gladly to do this for you —> Again, up to 75$
Disclaimer: A delay will exist. Your referrals won’t appear in your dashboard in few minutes. The platforms update every few hours. So, don’t be nervous. Also, they must keep the browser installed for 30 days before they are confirmed as your referral so you can get paid. But, these 2 points are not actually real problems. It was my duty to inform you.


They are done at day #8 of every month. Until 8 Feb or 8 March, you can start making a lot of cash.

Easier but paid way (but more earnings $$):

Register on websites that hire workers. You will be the employer!
Example: SeoClerk, Freelancer, Rapidworkers, Microworkers – first 2 are my favorite ones, but, if you can find others that fit to your profile (there are plenty of them), good for you.

Create a job that targets USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, UK (best options) workers and ask for this 

"Download and Install this software".

Set the price you will pay for the job completion to be like $0.25. Paying 20 people to complete this job will cost like $5.
20 downloads = minimum $125 profit if you target those countries I suggested

You spend $5 and you earn up to $125 – how cool is that?

You can try targeting more countries to get more referrals but you will receive less profit margin

Payment Proof:

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