BETAVIRAL – Guide to Make Money From Viral Media


What does the term “viral” make you think of first: internet fame, or a crippling illness?

Although both connotations of the word “viral” bring to mind the concept of catching on quickly, only one type of “virality” is universally desirable to marketers and product designers alike.

Virality refers to how something is able to catch on. Sometimes, it’s a wintertime cold spreading rapidly throughout an open-office setting. But other times, it’s when a new product, app, tool, or piece of content hits the internet and takes off, to the point where hundreds, thousands, and millions of people are aware of and using it.

Virality isn’t something that just randomly happens, though. It’s a growth strategy backed in mathematical models that marketers and product designers can experiment with to grow visitors, users, and eventually, customers.

This method have 3 main step:

  1. Content creation, it’s a website, blog or the platform where the media product is hosted for the first time.
  2. Content selection, this is actually the key of everything, these are sites like reddit, imgur, big forums where people use to link their media products and a little crowd decide if it’s good or not ( upvote or downvote). I will explain later how to exploit this stage.
  3. Content spreading, this starts from the “front page” of the content selection to other site and social medias.

Choose your offer and your platform for Content Selection

Choosing an offer.

I’ve personally run Amazon associate program, it was a safe choice at the time, I would recommend any other affiliate program too.
I’ve decided to promote the offer on Imgur, the choice was because I’ve already saw some post promoting Amazon and I had a 6 years “experience” on Imgur. There are 2 main platform I suggest you to use : Reddit and Imgur.

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  • A LOT of people
  • Tons of niches
  • Good bots for upvotes
  • It has a lot of social media shares
  • People use to “investigate” your account, watching karma etc… so if you don’t have a good account you should probably buy one.
  • At the initial start people can’t see how many upvotes your post has ( I will explain later why this is an important thing).
  • If you want make a personal bot like I did, reddit trace id and list every single Thor node.
  • Users see the initial votes
  • If you want to make a bot, it’s easier
  • A lot of people
  • Not so “reputation based” as reddit
  • Has a trend dependency, that makes you to adapt to them
  • Not so many niches as reddit

Create Media content that cover your offer

This could be the most important thing with this method.


Because you have to create something that sells, but it looks opposite or you will be downvoted to hell.

How you do that?

First of all, you have to understand what is good for your platform and what’s not, look at what’s already working, copy and make it better.

For example there are 3 main kind of sneaky promotion on imgur:

1. The “thing you want to buy”

  • The “thing you want to buy
  • T-shirt sneaky promoting, this may be one of the best if you’re good at shirts design. There are some rules, you can not just put a teespring shirt there like ” 1987 women are the best” like on fb, you have to choose a really good or funny design or follow a trend or a meme on imgur.
  • Useful site list“, this is the most used one, you will not profit directly from it but it will give you a lot of visitors on your website.
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Tips for a list:

  • Use images from your site
  • Add other not related sites on the list, you can just copy these from another list
  • Add a description

Posting and promoting your media

This is a crucial part, you could just post your media over and over, crossing the finger to get to the front page or just cheat a little bit and be sure to hit the point.

I use my own bot made with Python, but you could just buy some upvotes on Seoclerk or do a google search for bots. Nice thing is that you will not need tons of upvotes, you will need 100 or max 200 to hit the front page (imgur).

If you ever read Le Bon theories you should be aware that a person can be really influenced by other (crowd) thoughts. So if a user see that a post has a really good start like 20/30 upvotes , they will upvote more easily and without thinking. They say: “It’s cool, I like it” – sorry for the sociology here.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Buffer
  • stumbleupon
  • Reddit

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