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There are a multitude of stock media websites on the internet which allow artists and content creators to sell their digital goods online.

These sites take a cut of the profit from your file sales (usually 50%), which is fine, as the stock media site acts as our ‘storefront’, hosting our files, bringing in customers and advertising our files for free.

With AudioJungle you have the possibility of becoming either an exclusive or non-exclusive contributor.

While the first ones can earn from 40-70% per credit, others earn only 25%.
However, another great thing about AudioJungle is the feature enabling you to get 30% of the first purchase or deposit made by people you refer.

This is the absolute biggest site when it comes to sound effects.
You retain full-ownership of all your files (indefinitely), while earning 80% Commission for every sale you make. The neat thing about this site is that you get paid instantly after every sale.

This site is a “Royalty-free footage, audio, images, and visual effects. All you need, all in one place” kind of site. Their Sound Effect market is very popular indeed.

The revenue is split 50/50 with you. You upload your work and they handle the rest, including hosting your files, processing orders and everything else.

Selling through Fantero brings you 50-70% per credit for every time one of your tracks is bought.

The Method How to Make Money With Audio Files

Stock media. Specifically, selling sound effects through (and similar stock media websites). In a nutshell, this method involves ‘ripping’ audio samples from existing content and selling it on. This method is versatile and adaptable to any stock media website. A simple google search with the term “sell sound effects online” will bring up a multitude of options for you to get started or simply use websites I’ve listed above. For the sake of the guide, we’ll be utilizing audiojungle.

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Getting Started

  1. Create an account at audiojungle
  2. Confirm your account via the email link. Sign in to audiojungle, mouse over your username in the top right of the website and click on “become an author” at the bottom of the options.
  3. Choose the “Exclusive” membership. By selecting this membership, you get a higher payout per sale by agreeing that the content you’re uploading & selling through audiojungle will only be submitted to audiojungle, and none of their competitors (ie. other stock media websites).
  4. Download and install Audacity. Audacity is a freeware audio recorder & editor. Essential software for this method. Feel free to use your audio software of choice (I also recommend Goldwave), but again, for the sake of this guide, we’ll work with Audacity.
  5. Open Audacity and change your recording settings to “Stereo Mix” (see image link below for reference). This recording setting will capture audio directly from our sound card.
  6. Mid-way Ramble For this scenario, we’re going to be building a collection of sound files with the game development industry in mind. What sort of sounds are sought after by game developers?
  7. Well, pretty much anything! Smashing sounds (glass, wood, pottery), doors opening and closing, nature sounds, monster sounds, gunshots, robotics, animal noises, machinery, chimes etc. etc. etc.
  8. As someone who utilises this method daily and makes repeated sales on a daily-basis; I’ll give you a tip: Any sound effect can sell, no matter how obscure.
  9. Now, back to the guide. Let’s head to youtube and search for “breaking pottery”.
  10. Pause the video before it starts and bring up Audacity. Go to ‘File -> New’ then hit Record (the big red button, of course). Now play the youtube video. 9. Audacity is now recording the audio directly as it is played from the video. You’ll notice that the audio in this video is of fairly good quality. There’s minimal background noise and the pottery breaking sounds are clear, crisp and undisturbed. This is the ideal sound base, as it requires minimal processing and cleaning. When the video has finished, go back into Audacity and hit stop (the big yellow square).

Here’s a .rar containing 4 sound effects I ripped from the video after cleaning up and separation. These are ready to be uploaded, tagged and sold:

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I would list these on Audiojungle for $3 per sound effect.

  1. When you have isolated, cleaned up and generally beautified the sound effect(s), save them via “File -> Export -> WAV (Microsoft) Signed 16 Bit PCM”. 12. Go to audiojungle, mouse over your username, select ‘Upload’. Choose ‘Sound Effects’ from the dropdown list and hit ‘Next’.
  2. This is the time consuming part. This is where we name, describe and tag our audio file(s) – and the best part – set our price. If you listened to the sample files I provided above, we’re looking at a potential $2-$5 per file.
  3. Some stock media sites allow batch processing to speed up the file tagging process. Remember what I said about outsourcing to reduce the more tedious aspects of this method? I pay a filipina freelancer a modest amount to do the tagging for me. Note: You can manage your file stats, finances, earnings and withdrawals by selecting ‘Author Dashboard’ under your Audiojungle profile.
  4. Tag your file and hit upload. Rinse & repeat as desired, and wait for the sales to trickle, and eventually, stream in.

Secret Tips

  1. Be discreet. Don’t rip easily recognisable audio samples. Source out videos with high quality audio and lower view counts.
  1. Be creative. As I mentioned above; Everything and anything can be sold. I find that sounds associated with the RPG Genre of games, for example; spell sounds, choir chants, animal sounds, weapon effects (swords, bows, impacts etc.) do particularly well.

The beauty of this method is the “fire & forget” nature of it.

If you can churn out 50 quality sound effects in a day, you’re looking at approximately $2.50 per file sold (after website commission) if your samples are of high enough quality to warrant a $5 tag. I personally opt for $3 per file and take a share of $1.50 per sale.

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